There’s nothing more confusing than a YouTube channel that spans a large amount of topics. If you’re vlogging about beauty products and makeup tutorials, chances are that the majority of your viewers might not be entirely invested in watching your playlist full of gardening tips.

Experimenting with new content is great for a side video here and there, but if every video covers an entirely different topic your channel will lack a sense of place and authority. Unless you’ve found a very specific crossover niche, keep things as simple and streamlined as possible.

Obvious crossovers can include: fashion & beauty, home improvement & minimalism, music & branding, and cooking & fitness, but there are plenty more! Find what works for you, and stick to it.


Sharing videos is key when it comes to increasing your channel’s growth. However, the link that you choose to share is very important. Oftentimes, brands simply share a direct link to their channel, which may appear a bit like this:

There’s no harm in sharing a video that way - in fact, sharing any link is better than not sharing at all! However, there’s a simple way to increase subscriber growth and that’s by using your sub_confirmation link. Instead of the usual sharing link, the sub_confirmation link appears like this:

When a user clicks your link, YouTube will prompt them to subscribe to your channel, saving you time & effort in the process! Not seeing results? It might be because you don’t have a foundation of subscribers to begin with.


Have you ever subscribed to a YouTube channel, only to find that they practically NEVER post and when they do, it’s at a random time and date? How are you supposed to keep up with their content if you don’t know when to tune in?

Creating a consistent content schedule is a sure way to maintain your subscriber’s attention and hold yourself accountable.

The more frequently you post, the more time you’ll have to practice your videography skills, and the more likely you’ll be to have loyal, engaged followers.

Inform your readers of when they can expect new content in the description box, and be sure to include your timezone!

Consistency in sharing your content across platforms is just as important. Be sure to spread the word about your newly uploaded video as soon as you’ve released it!


Every new video is a new opportunity to introduce yourself to a fresh audience. By creating a brief, consistent channel intro for every video you can ensure that new viewers know your name, your channel’s purpose, and what they can expect to gain.

More importantly, they’ll feel welcome on your channel and immediately be motivated to join the community.

Watch how your favorite YouTubers introduce themselves and take notes! Include brief graphics, some info boxes to popular related videos, and hint at any giveaways that you’ll be explaining at the end of your video in order to maintain retention time.

Have a hard time gaining viewer engagement? It might be because you haven’t built the proper foundation yet! Without consistent views, likes, comments, and subscribers, new viewers won’t feel comfortable engaging with your content.


It’s rude not to say goodbye! End your video with a brief summary of your content, thank your viewers, and encourage them to like, comment, and subscribe.

If you’re planning a giveaway, now’s the time to provide details! Include info boxes to related content, and be sure to fill your description box with information that your viewers can explore to increase their knowledge of your video’s topic. Give your viewers the full experience, but leave them wanting more!

It’s a good idea to hint at future videos in a series, or ask your viewers to suggest content that they’d like to see in the future. That way you’ll know exactly what they want AND you’ll increase engagement through comments, likes, and more!

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