Tips for YouTube Beginners

Tips for YouTube Beginners

Where to begin?

Do you have an irresistible desire to take videos? And get paid for it? Then do it! Get started now!

Choose your niche

There are lots of possible themes for a Youtube channel. It could be a vlog, Interview,

beauty, sports, unboxing, lifestyle, fashion, travel, music, movies, gaming, product review etc.

Choose an area that would be of great interest to you and in which you are best versed. But don’t choose a narrow subject. If your niche does not have a big volume search traffic, it will be too hard to get a lot of viewers because only a small percentage of your target audience is searching for that content.

How To Find The Most Searched Keywords On YouTube

For example, you decided to start making videos about workout. First of all, find high frequency searches on YouTube. For that just start writing a search query. I’ve found these queries:

“workout exercises  at home”, “workout exercises for women”, “workout exercises for man”, ‘gym exercises for beginners’

Then, open Google Trends, select  YouTube   search and insert a top rated search queries.

There you’ll find Related queries, statistics by country and worldwide. It’s a super simple and useful tool.

As you can see, I compared 4 queries and the most popular user request is “workout exercises at home”. But, in some regions, like the USA, query “workout exercises for women”  is a little more popular.

There are also paid services to find keywords, statistics etc.. Here are the most popular SEO tools:

  • Ahrefs
  • Moz Pro
  • SEMrush
  • SECockpit
  • Sistrix

Of course, knowing  trends are not enough. You should also understand how to make videos become viral on YouTube. And one of the best ways to boost views - buy views on

Equipment tips

Nowadays there are no problems with smartphones. Almost all of them have high-quality cameras.

For some niches, you can get by with one computer and a video editing software. And for vlogs, you can do with one smartphone.

In case you’re shooting at an apartment - make sure there is enough light in the room. There is no need to invest in professional lighting, just put a few table lamps in front of you..

Sound quality is just as important as video quality. As well as the microphone, you will also need a pop filter which takes out unintentional noises from your voice. This makes your voice sound smoother and makes you easier to understand. The difference in audio quality is startling.

Video tips


Tease your audience in the first 10 seconds of the video. It’s extremely important!


Engage with your audience: ask them to subscribe to your channel, leave a comment and like it.

If you have a large number of subscribers and viewers, then motivate them with a give away contest, promise to post a new video when the number of likes will reach a certain number etc.

Thumbnail Image

Ready to download your video on YouTube? Just hold off for a minute. Create a grabbing attention image. When the competition is high, it is necessary to stand out in everything, and this can become even more important than title. Good thumbnails significantly increase the CTR of videos, and consequently the number of views.

Keyword research / meta tags

Optimizing keywords and meta tags is another way to increase your chances showing up in YouTube’s search results. So how to find the most useful keywords? Look at the top-ranking YouTube videos that directly compete with your video. There are special software tools to spy on your competitors keywords and tags.

Meta tags can be changed even when the video is already uploaded.


Creating the first video is the most difficult step, it takes a lot of time. Then it will become much easier. As in any business, regularity is the key to success. Upload videos regularly, one or two times a week to gain popularity faster.