How to Easily View Dislikes on YouTube Mobile Devices.

How to Easily View Dislikes on YouTube Mobile Devices.

In 2021, a pivotal year for YouTube, a significant change occurred when the platform decided to conceal the dislikes count across all videos, spanning both its web-based interface and the YouTube mobile application. This transformative adjustment prompted a surge in user curiosity, leading to the exploration of innovative solutions, including browser extensions, aimed at reinstating the visibility of YouTube dislike counts.

In this comprehensive guide, we delve into a range of strategic avenues to effectively recover the obscured YouTube dislikes count. Our exploration spans across both the expansive realm of the desktop website and the dynamic landscape of the YouTube mobile app, ensuring a comprehensive approach to restoring this valuable metric.

Embark with us on this insightful journey, as we unveil actionable methods to reclaim the YouTube dislikes count, thereby empowering you with the ability to gain insights and perspectives previously obscured.

Shall we commence this enlightening expedition?


While directly accessing YouTube dislikes count on mobile remains elusive, a clever workaround exists for any video. 
  • Begin by navigating to your desired video on YouTube's mobile site or app. 
  • Copy the video URL from the address bar or Share icon. 
  • Proceed to's YouTube Live View Counter, paste the URL, and hit 'Search'. 
  • Click the video result to reveal live view count, likes, dislikes, and comments. 
This method mirrors desktop with a YouTube dislike extension, as verified through thorough testing. Unlock video sentiment insights effortlessly!


While the provided steps effectively unveil YouTube dislikes on desktop, a more streamlined approach involves integrating a browser extension. Explore a plethora of extensions available on Mozilla and Chrome stores, like "Return YouTube Dislike". Effortlessly gain insight into dislike counts while watching videos. Post-installation, the extension conveniently displays the dislikes count adjacent to Likes, reverting to the pre-update YouTube format. 
Simplify your experience and regain valuable video sentiment information with this seamless solution.


Navigate to the Content section on the left-hand menu.

Select the video you intend to scrutinize for its dislikes count.

Click on Analytics in the left-hand menu.

Access the Engagement tab.

In the Likes (vs Dislikes) segment at the bottom right, click See More.

Uncover a comprehensive breakdown of your video's Likes and Dislikes engagement over time, along with individual counts. Gain valuable insights to enhance your content strategy.


The removal of dislike data in 2021 raised numerous eyebrows and evoked strong user reactions. While YouTube justified this decision by citing prolonged misuse and creator-targeted dislike attacks, an alternative narrative suggests a link to the notorious failure of YouTube's 2018 Rewind video—a record holder for the most dislikes on any YouTube video.

Despite YouTube's stance, user sentiment remains divided. Dislikes are deemed crucial in countering misinformation. Yet, the plea to reinstate dislikes is met with silence, leaving uncertainty about their potential return. As YouTube continues on its path, the significance of dislikes in shaping online discourse persists.

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